What is ManageBee?

ManageBee is an all-in-one business management software with an emphasis on offering a suite of productivity tools in one place. ManageBee is not just easy to use, it’s natural. We currently have built-in scheduling tools, message automation, a robust home inspection report writing tool, and the ability to set up service and fee parameters. Think of it as what Google Workspace should have been, a place for users to create workspaces to work and collaborate using all of the productivity tools that Google has to offer. Let’s do it better!

What is the status of the product?

ManageBee is just about ready for a well-equipped MVP release. I’m sure there are refinements needed such as cleaning technical debt and improving efficiency. Currently, the mobile apps are experiencing some lag/slowness issues. However, other than that and a couple of dozen small bugs it is near fully functional in its current state. Are you intrigued?

Who is the technical co-founder of ManageBee?

ManageBee needs a technical co-founder who is of course highly skilled in software engineering and lives a value-driven life. If you are honest, strive to grow, and treat others with respect then I know we have a better chance of working together and leading a work culture that allows team members to thrive. 


Experience with or the ability to quickly learn is needed for:




Amazon AWS




The ability to communicate clearly and manage teams is essential. If you’re not afraid of fast paced hardwork then you might just be the missing link ManageBee is needing!

Who is the market?

Initially, with our robust inspection report write, ManageBee will reach the home inspection industry. Some of the  framework has already been set to serve all home service businesses. With a few simple improvements, ManageBee will go from a market of 50k to Millions of potential users within months. Ask me how.

Who is Chris Bailey?

You should know who you would be working with. I’m honest, caring, and loyal. If I tell you I’m going to do something then you can count on me. I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of vision. I’ve seen enough and know enough to appreciate quality work in a lot of different areas. For the last 10 years, I’ve been on a constant path of learning and improving myself. I grew up full of hope and ambition. That was a feat in itself given my upbringing in the foster system. 

I’ve worked in a dozen different service-based businesses which has allowed me to see how software can really transform business operations and make the lives of owners or workers better.  Whatever needed knowledge or skills that I’m missing now will not be the same in the future. Do you think we can grow together?

Compensation & Equity Split

10-40% depending on skill level and time contribution. 10% minimum. I am open to negotiation for the right experience and cultural fit.

Standard salaries will be given once the company becomes profitable or we receive funding. Whichever comes first.


We need to get along with each other and enjoy our time together. We need to be able to challenge each other’s thoughts. We need to be able to give and accept thoughtful criticism.  Trust is everything!

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Pitch Deck

To get an idea of my vision for ManageBee, please check out this pitch deck PDF here: 

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