Demonstration Videos

General Overview 

This is a general overview of the ManageBee application as it is January 2024.

New user Signup

New user signup process on the Web and Mobile. I also not a few needed future improvements.

Creating a new workspace

This shows the process of creating a new workspace. As of January 2024 this is essentially just creating an appointment. we will work quickly to remove that limitation and make workspaces more useful and customizable to any workflow.


Setting up Services

This shows the process for setting up new services.

Various Settings Options - Profiles and Scheduler

In this video, I show various settings including user information and options, scheduler, and profiles.

Various Settings Options - Your company and account settings

Here I walk through all of the current settings options in the your company and account settings section of the settings page.

Communication Automation Settings

Here I discuss the various options of the email and text automation (Chores). I also discuss the cumbersome nature of its current setup and ideas for future improvements. We need some brainstorming sessions on this one.

More Info

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Pitch Deck

To get an idea of my vision for ManageBee, please check out this pitch deck PDF here: 

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