The All-In-One Business Productivity Platform For Home Inspectors To Streamline Operations, Build Lasting Connections, And Increase Profitability.

From Disarray to ManageBee Mastery

I’m Chris Bailey, founder of ManageBee, the all-in-one task and automation platform for small businesses. I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s spent 20 years building businesses and learning from my mistakes. My own $250K home inspection company showed me firsthand how disorganized operations can destroy a promising business. That’s why I created ManageBee – to help other small businesses thrive by avoiding the chaos I experienced.


Unpacking The Small Business Operational Challenges & Pain Points

Overarching Problem: Operational inefficiencies cripple small businesses. Without meticulous organization, even minor inefficiencies create cash flow disruptions – the #1 reason small businesses fail.

Operational inefficiencies leads businesses to suffer

Wasted Time & Inefficiencies

Repetitive and error-prone tasks consume valuable time, hindering business growth and overall efficiency, limiting potential expansion and success.

Strained Customer Relations

Inefficiencies in operations cause delays, misunderstandings, and frustrated customers, negatively impacting business relationships and reputation.

Financial Drain & Loss

Lack of proper technology and systems lead to increased expenses and missed revenue opportunities. Shockingly, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues, as reported by


ManageBee: Your One-Stop Business Solution

The all-in-one business productivity platform for home inspectors to streamline operations, build lasting connections, and increase profitability.

Save Time

ManageBee consolidates client, team, and appointment management onto a single platform, with automation and customizable workflows.

Increase Profit

ManageBee allows businesses to cut software costs by 200% + per team member, consolidating redundant subscriptions into a single comprehensive business management suite.

Improve Customer Relations

ManageBee fosters seamless communication building stronger relationships through customizable client pages, automated follow- ups, and easy document sharing.


Instant & Effortless Workspace Creation with ManageBee

Instantly create workspaces with your predefined services, contacts, and automations for rapid project setup


All-in-One Workspace Toolkit with ManageBee

Each workspace is your all-in one toolkit for quotes, invoices, reports, and customizable templates – streamlining your entire workflow.

Join Us In Revolutionizing The All-In-One Business Productivity Platform For Home Inspection Companies

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